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Games Of Mind And Thinking


Video games 


Video games are one of the most important games that help increase concentration.While these games have a bad reputation for damaging children's concentration, when age-appropriate video games are played regularly, their cognitive abilities will improve dramatically. According to a 2011 ABC News report, the Bureau of Marine Research found that people who play video games have more cognitive abilities than others. Twenty percent, on the one hand Other; the American Federation of Scientists recommend video games for children, pointing out that it improves the higher-level thinking skills.


Crossword Games 


Crossword games are one of the most important games that help in brain exercise.You can play these games through newspapers, or buy crossword books.You can also play these games online, where there are many free crossword puzzles online. For example, AARP offers many crossword games on a daily basis and is free, and can be used by visiting the site only, it does not require him to be a member of this site, and in general; the use of books in playing these games is better, Where an individual can keep them to stay with him And, as his can buy books that are commensurate with its capabilities, it may be games crossword sometimes difficult.


Game Of Birds' Sounds


This game is one of the most games that contribute to memory enhancement, and the principle of its play depends on the individual remember the sounds of birds, where a group of images of birds, their sounds, and the individual must link each bird with the correct sound, and the individual needs to use his hearing and sight accurately so that he can Success in doing this game, so it helps to enhance his memory, and increase his ability to remember things in his life. 


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